Our usual weekly collect and deliver school uniform service has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We are currently liaising with PRIMARY schools to confirm whether or not they will be able to accept 'Delivery to School' orders into school before the end of term.
If your school allows and you wish to order online, or through the school office, and you want to have your uniform delivered back to school before the end of term, then all orders must be received either online by 26th June or back to the school office by 25th June as we will collect these orders on the 26th. These orders will then be processed and delivered back to school on Tuesday 14th July

Collect and Deliver Service

Vortex Clothing Co Ltd have operated a school uniform order collect and deliver service in the Barnsley area for over 10 years.

We operate set collect and deliver days during the week depending on your school's location
You can order school uniform for your child by taking an order form and envelope from your school, completing the form with all the relevant details for your child and then returning it to your school office. We will then collect your order on your school's designated day and return it one week later. Your school office will then distribute this to your child or directly to yourself if you prefer to collect it from the office.

We also accept orders directly at our factory premises on Grange Lane if you prefer to check the sizes before ordering. We also accept online web orders (we will be adding all the schools we supply to the website throughout the first half of 2019). When ordering either direct at the premises or online we can deliver directly to your school on the school's designated delivery day.

We only operate this service where we have the direct approval of the school's governing body. We do not supply branded school uniform if we do not have this permission. If you can't find your school on our website we may already supply your school and are in the process of adding it to the site in due course. Please contact us if you need further details.

If we do not supply your school's uniform please feel free to contact your school office and suggest our services as an alternative to their current arrangement.